Rana was born in Bangladesh and is now based in London. Her work ranges from drawings, paintings and wall-based sculptures to large-scale public art projects and she is known for her understanding and use of light and colour.

Rana is creating bespoke textiles in the transformed concert spaces. She is collaborating with Bristol-based fabric designers and textile trend consultancy Dash & Miller to assist with translating her work into textiles.

Rana says: “My initial response to the brief was to look at some of the architecture, the original colours, the detail of geometry that’s used. I wanted to develop something that reflects the diversity of sound and music performed in the halls through the rhythms and patterns we use, and ensure the work responds to different forms of light.

“Visually, it needs to not be distracting for the performers on the stage as well as the audience, and we have to consider how the space will be used. I want it to be bold but also offer a calm experience.

No. 1225 Chainlink, Desert X, 2023. Photo: Lance Gerber
No. 1225 Chainlink (detail), Desert X, 2023. Photo: Lance Gerber
No. 1104 Catching Colour, 2022 The Line, London. Photo: Angus Mill
No. 1066, 2021 Wanas
No. 1054 Arpeggio, 2021 Folkestone. Photo: Thierry Bal
No. 972, Net, 2020. Collaboration with Roksanda
No. 700 Reflectors, 2016, Kings Cross London
No. 680 Painting
Rana Begum

T: 0791 2208 791
E: theresabergne@fieldartprojects.com