University of Bristol, Stoke Bishop Public Art Programme

Field Art Projects were appointed in spring 2012 to develop and deliver a public art strategy and programme for the University of Bristol’s residential site at Stoke Bishop, north Bristol.  The project culminates with the launch of Sarah Staton’s new work Edith & Hans this week.

Bristol Arena

Field Art Projects are advising the Design Team for the new Bristol Arena on their art strategy and the art programme being delivered alongside the building.

Future Perfect

Jes Fernie and Theresa Bergne, Field Art Projects, co-curated Future Perfect, a public art programme for the Hengrove Ward, a residential area in south Bristol, built primarily in the post-war era.

Southmead Hospital

Field Art Projects advised Willis Newson on the selection of artists for three landmark commissions for the new Southmead Hospital, commissioned by North Bristol NHS Trust.

Work as a Movement Archive

The Work as Movement Archive (WAMA) event took place in May 2012, the culmination of a year’s preparation led by artist Serena Korda in Barton Hill.

Wonders of Weston

Wonders of Weston is a programme of public artworks in Weston-super-Mare by internationally renowned contemporary artists and collectives.

09 | 03 | 2017

Edith and Hans, a written response

“in an age when so many artworks are conceived to be photographed, when unconscious concessions are made for maximum online popularity, and when the circulation of art is so frequently a function of its representation in digital photographs and on social media, what does it mean for a work to privilege people’s presence, to ask for our time and our touch?”

With the advent of spring and better weather to tempt us outside, we invite Ellen Mara De Wachter to visit Sarah Staton’s commission, a belvedere set in the grounds of the University of Bristol’s residential halls.

Ellen invites us to experience Edith and Hans with her, and considers an artwork which “offers endless possibilities for the theatre of life” against the background of a year of dramatic political change in Europe and the United States and “rewards us for the time spent in its company”.

Ellen is a writer and curator based in London.  She is a regular contributor to Frieze magazine and her writing has appeared in numerous publications. Her book, Co-Art: Artists on Creative Collaboration will be launched by Phaidon in April 2017.

Download Ellen Mara De Wachter’s commissioned response to Edith and Hans here.

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